AI for Everyone: A New Course by Coursera

One of the most popular online learning platform Coursera has announced a new course on Artificial Intelligence on November 14, 2018. The course is meant for all non-technical business people to understand the ascent of Artificial Intelligence (AI).


The course “AI for Everyone” is created by, a team of five with Andrew Ng, CEO/Founder of Landing AI and Co-founder of Coursera. It will be taught by Ng, a very well-known name in AI community, making AI educational material accessible to the students.
Most of the courses on AI are designed for technical people with assumption of basic AI knowledge and some prerequisites. This course will help non-technical business leaders understand related technologies like machine learning and deep learning. The course will also focus on the examples showing the capabilities of AI in today’s world. This will help the business leaders to find ways to apply AI to solve problems in their organizations.
The “AI for Everyone” is a beginner course starting early 2019. This will require a commitment of 2-3 hours a week for three weeks of study. The pre-enrollment of the course are open and as on today, almost around 8.6K students have enrolled for the course.
Looking at the penetration and acceptance of AI in market, most business leaders find difficult to align their company’s strategy with wonders of AI. The course is expected to provide these people with an understanding of AI opportunities around. The course targets not only CEOs and MDs, but everyone from business. If you are a project manager, a marketing manager, a head of operations or a recruitment manager, the course will let you think differently for addressing your problems.
After this course, the business people who were earlier hesitant of discussing about AI, will now  be in position to understand the impact of AI around their organization. This may lead to generation of ideas to sustain in the middle of advancement in technology with the application of AI.

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